We are committed to restoring godly leadership in family, religious entities, business, and government.


Inspired by the Holy Scripture, we are committed to nurturing leaders wherever they may be found regardless of religious or secular affiliation, race, ethnicity or gender. We believe God created man and woman to function as leaders and, lead in their given capacities. On this premise we do not discriminate.

Every social activity begins with a leader,“We train servant leaders, to raise up their families well, serve in their church, influence their communities and ultimately developed a prosperous nation.”

We envision a generation of authentic servant leaders, leading with integrity, and a desire to serve. Leaders who are more interested in empowering the people around them, guided by the virtues of excellence, honesty and compassion. 


That the men and women of our country would lead well, that our next generation will live with godly reverence, respect, loving and
serving others as greater than themselves.